Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Make Up and Education

Please excuse my week or two away! I was enjoying the bank holiday weekend and watching my cousin getting married (was beautiful!) not to mention it's the last couple of weeks of college and I'm gearing the cadets up for a presentation evening! Busybusybusy! So apologies in advance if I go slightly off the radar!

Before I embarked on a new career within the make up industry, I was finishing a National Diploma in Animal Management and working on a farm, near enough six days a week. Make up and farm work don't really go hand in hand!

I saved my money each week and went into Selfridges, blowing pretty much all my dosh on the likes of MAC and Illamasqua. The make up artists found my antics hilarious but also encouraged me embark on a new career. Obviously any change is difficult but I just wanted to share some tips and advice if you are considering such a jump.

Is this what you want to do?
Obviously this can be a "duh" question, but jumping careers at whatever age can be daunting. Money can also be a factor, not just for stationary or travel, as the UK government has changed the rules for those who are over the age of 24 and already have a level 3 qualification. The government will no longer pay for the course (lovely peeps) so my level 3 course has now jumped from £400 to £3400. There are offering student loans and more information can be found here.

If you're considering a new career, why not check your local college for night courses? It gives you a couple of weeks experience and can also help in applying for a full-time course.

Also, decide how far you want to travel. It's not only how much it costs, it's also how much the journey time adds onto your day (don't forget about rush hour!).

Ask about!
Ask local make up artists what or where they have studied. Some are not qualified and purely just have experience, others have tried up to degree level or specialized in a certain area such as prosthetics. Is there a college that seems to stand out? Is there a tutor that has been mentioned? Ask about!

Do your research.
After deciding how far you want to travel, look up all available colleges in that area. Read up on the courses and if it will take you where you want to go. Read up on the tutors, what experience they have within their field. Will the course cost you anything? The first college I got accepted to wanted £1200 for a full time course. The college I went with wanted £400 for the same course, infact it was far better as this course covers more!!

Basically all I'm saying is be prepared. Do your research. Have a selection! It's YOUR future and you deserve the very best you can get!

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