Sunday, 16 June 2013

Random Update


Gosh it's been quiet on here as of late but I'm hoping you'll forgive me as there some good reasons why..

First of all, I've pretty much been on a beauty product ban. The eczema on my hands is finally being dealt with - hurrah! However, because my eczema is on my hands and eyelids, the dermatologist seems to think this is a reaction to something I'm touching, which means that hopefully I can be cured - w00p w00p!

This does mean I have to go for allergy testing though, I might do a post explaining the process because to be honest, it's really interesting! Well kinda. So far I am being tested with 117 different products/chemicals. However I going through the actual process of testing after I finish college.

Which is my second reason! The first year of college is nearly done and dusted! My final exams and assessments are happening over the next week or so and then I have the holidays. Plenty of time for the blog/website!

I'm hoping to take delivery of a gorgeous new handbag tomorrow, all the way from the USA (here's hoping they send the right one this time!) so expect a handbag post!

Hope you're all do spiffingly well! Please bear with me through all this allergy testing - I don't want the ouchies anymore =(

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