Sunday, 17 April 2011

Review - Chanel Coco Rouge Shine

I saw these advertised on one of those mini billboards and did the usual "OOOOooh!" but then of course the sensible part of my brain kicked in with "Errm, dude... it's Chanel... that's gonna be pretty pricey" but I've gone mad on moisturising lipsticks recently and I had to look up some swatches.

Long story cut short, I had to get my hands on one! I really couldn't make my mind up and ended up buying two (even though they are very similar!) so I bought No. 50 - Rivage and No. 54 - Boy... If you live in the UK, I'd recommended going to a large Boots if you can to buy these, so you can collect the advantage points!

These lipsticks are really beautiful. They glide like a dream and are really moisturizing without being too creamy. When compared to the Boots 17 Moisture Shine Lipstick (Beehive became quite popular within the beauty community) the Chanel is less opaque but is buildable which I think is a bonus, not to mention the wider range of colors. The Coco Shine also has a longer staying power of 4-5 hours on more lighter colours (I can't really vouch for this personally as I usually reapply when I don't need to!)

If you can fork out for one of these babies, I'd highly recommend it.

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