Monday, 9 September 2013

Swatch: Benefit Rockateur

Rockateur is the latest offering from Benefit and considering the "Perfect10" blush/bronzer (my personal favorite) was discontiued to make way for this blush, I'm expecting great things!

 (Apologies for lighting, I tried my best to get it true to colour!)

It comes in the traditional Benefit blush box, complete with mirror and brush making it perfect for your make-up bag.

I think the design is beautiful! I really don't want it to fade! 

This blush surprised me to be honest, it look quite pink in the box but actually comes off quite peachy. I love that it's build-able.Wear wise, I don't want to give an estimate just yet as it's a brand new product but I'd expect it to be similar to the wear of other Benefit blushes.

Priced at £23.50, it's available at Benefit but personally, I'd go to Boots and collect some points!

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