Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Fun!

Bloody hell time flies!

So, instead of coming up with random excuses of where I've been this summer, I thought I'd show you ;D


I completed college in June and I am now a fully qualified make-up artist - HUZZAH!! I'm going back again in September to specialize in theatrical and special effects (you seriously have no idea how excited I am!!)

Weddings and Family time

I was able to watch my big cousin Nick get married to the gorgeous Faye! Not to mention meet my wee cousin Rosie and play football (barefoot!) with my other cousins Jake and Eva, until darkness fell <3

Helping the 'rents in the garden, we grew some beautiful plants and tasty strawberries!

Nothing better than family time!

Auntie Duties
(The beautiful Elle and very stylish Damien)

Just awesome.


This may have happened a little too much!

Charity Work

(Team building - the best fort!)

 I'm a unit leader of a group of cadets who I adore. I'm so incredibly proud of all of them and I can't wait for the summer break to be over so we can get back to learning!

Being with Polly

I make it no secret that my dog is my world and being able to spend some proper quality time with her has been great. I'm always trying to come up with or research ideas to keep her stimulated, dog painting was one of them! I think it turned out pretty well - well until the UPS man arrived and thought I was bat-shit crazy! 

And that's pretty much the bulk of it! Amongst other random bits and bobs of course! Be sure to follow me on twitter and instagram for a more 'up to date' tellings of my daily goings on.

I'm looking forward to September, college, cadets and to be honest, a routine!

Have you had a wonderful summer too? I'm kinda itching to jump into fall now, although I'll miss Mr. Sun so badly (not that we see much of him here in the UK!)

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