Sunday, 5 August 2012



Apologies for being absent for so long. To say my personal life has been chaotic would be an understatement!

I finally finished my Level 2 Make Up Award! Yay! I applied to a few colleges to do Media Make Up Level 3 and got accepted to all. But after a heart to heart with a wonderful college tutor and many make-up artists, I've decided to do a Level 2 Media Make Up. Sure I already have a level 2 and it puts my future plans back another year but this way I hope to gain even more skills and confidence.

Things have been a bit quiet in a blogging sense because I feel things on the make up scene have been pretty quiet (not to mention I've been a bit skint!) but please bare with me. I do have some posts in a pipeline!

Anyway, I hope you're ok and looking and feeling and beautiful as ever!

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