Saturday, 17 March 2012

Review: Clarisonic Mia

(Clarisonic Mia, pictured with the 'normal' brush head)

Apologies for the time it has taken for this post, I just wanted to ensure that this product received an honest review and as I don't use the Mia everyday it's taken a while!

I eyed up the Clarisonic for months before deciding to go for the plunge and spend a whopping £120. I read God knows how many reviews because, lets face it, that's a lot of money to be spending (Well it is in my case anyway!)

In-case you didn't know, the Mia is the smallest of the Clarisonic family with one speed setting and comes in a range of colours. The outside brushes don't move but the centre ones vibrate. I'm known for my love of pink, but the purple stood out to me more so I went for that one. The final reason for my purchase was the state of my skin. If you have read my post history you'll know I have had past breakouts and wasn't sure what caused them. During the change from Summer to Winter, my skin just didn't know whether it was going to be dry, combination or oily on a day to day basis!

If I'm being truly honest, the straw that broke the camels back was a boil. Yes you read right. A freakin' boil. ON MY FACE! I'm not going for the witch look so I was willing to try anything.

I didn't use the small tube of cleanser which came with the Mia, I just felt that if my skin was truly that bad down to a product, now wasn't the time to be experimental. So I used the Mia with trusty Cetaphil. Now my skin has recovered, I tend to use the Neutrogena grapefruit face wash.

The method is simple. Apply cleanser to your face. Use the Clarisonic in gentle, circular motions for 20 seconds on your forehead, 10 seconds for each cheek and 20 for nose, chin and neck. If you're anything like me, I hate washing my face over a basin, I get water EVERYWHERE (same goes for toothpaste too for some reason) but the Clarisonic is waterproof, so being able to use it the shower was a bonus.

The Good
  • The Mia is travel-sized.
  • Although it may only have the one speed, you can purchase a "normal" brush, allowing you to use it on your body too.
  • Its waterproof.
  • It does feel like you've had a mini-facial afterwards.
  • Choice of colors (Okay, not that important but still)
The Bad
  • The price. I know it can be seen as an investment. I just prefer my investments to be cheaper!
  • When it comes to changing brush heads, Clarisonic say "If you are using it twice a day, change it every 3-4 months. This is standard for all of our models". Brush headscan cost around £20.
The Verdict

Okay, I'm not going to lie. I do love the Mia. Do I think it's worth £120, no. Would I buy it again? Yes (somewhere in my head that makes sense).  If you can't afford the Clarisonic, I think using a soft face brush in a circular motion will do the trick nicely but if you've got the pennies, I would go to for it. I do feel that the Mia combined with a good cleanser has help restore my skin and I always feel as if I've treated myself after use. I don't use it everyday. I listen to my skin as and when in needs it. It's totally upto you if you buy it, but the Clarisonic Mia if quickly becoming one of my skincare staples.

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