Friday, 13 May 2011

Review - Oilatum Facial Cream

I love watching videos on YouTube, it's a great way to pass time and feels more personal. Whilst catching up on missed videos by Pixiwoos, Nic mentioned she had recently had to use Oilatum Facial Cream and noticed a dramatic change in her skin. As I have amazingly dry skin, naturally I thought "Oooooh! Must go to Boots and nab some" .. Problem was everyone else who had watched that video seemed to have the same idea!

It took me three weeks to get my hands on some!

Pros -

*The tube has a flip cap. Silly as it sound there's nothing worse than trying to replace a screw top with slippy hands.

*The moisture from the cream does stay for hours, making the skin supple and makes for less application.

*At around £8 in Boots, the price will suit most pockets and could save you a fortune if you're used to buying high-end moisturizers.

Cons -

*At the moment, it may be quite hands to get your hands on, but most Boots stores I have visited recently have started to have a supply.

*It can seem greasy. Although I think this may depend on how dry your skin is.

*Although it is suitable for all skin types, I personally wouldn't recommended it for those with oily skin. You could probably find a moisturizer which is more suitable for your skin type.

I do like this moisturizer and I will be using it but I have to say, for my skin, I prefer Cetaphil as it doesn't tend to leave that greasy film. I have very dry skin but it tends to be a bit temperamental and I get bored of products too often so I'll be swapping it for something else depending on my skin and how I feel! I'm not too sure if I'll be purchasing this again?

Please don't make the same mistake I did and buy the 'Oilatum Cream', it really is different! A lot more greasy, has a strange smell (which is quite strong) and primarily used for dry skin conditions such as eczema (and if I'm being honest, it did bugger all when it came to my eczema - but who knows! It could work for you!)


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