Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Review - Alpha H Liquid Gold

If there were to ever be a skincare product I would say is my holy grail it would be this.

For around the past year my skin has gone full circle. From insanely dry to super shiny. I've had spots so large if I went to the cinema they'd want their own seat. If you want a miracle product that will settle your skin within a week, surely this would be it.

Simply cleanse your face and wipe over with the liquid gold on a cotton pad once or twice a week (obviously depending on your skin, don't go over board, it is acid after all!) and leave off the moistuirzer for the night. Come morning, continue with your normal cleansing routine. I find the difference subtle but I cant help it restores my skin and makes it behave again. Almost like a smack bottom - for your face.

It is pricey, around the £30 mark and your best bet is to get it online. But I find well worth it and it's highly recommended by other beauty bloggers too. Let me know what you think!

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