Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Eylure 107 Lashes

The Eylure 107 lashes are my current favorites! In fairness, I don't tend to wear lashes too much, once I put my make-up it's pretty much on for the day and I can't wear lashes for a full day (my eyes are too sensitive).

I adore these lashes! They're perfect for a lil' more drama for a day look and add a flattering touch for a night look (not to mention I LOVE the longer lashes at the end, i'm obsessed!)

Of course, you can trim these down and re-use them. I haven't used the glue that is included but I will give it a bash. DUO glue is what I usually reach for but my eyes become sore after a few hours.

What are your favourite lashes? Do you wear them often?

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