Monday, 9 April 2012

31 Things I Learnt Through March...

I have a diary I take everywhere with me and as much as I run about like a fart in a bottle, I never write anything in it! So I decided to write a lil' something each day that I've either learnt or I'm thankful for. I'm going to carry on doing this through April. It's fun and makes you think about your day and no matter how bad it may have been, you can always find something.

1. A sore throat is a sure sign your body is soon going to hate you.

2. A cocker spaniel will try and beat the crap out of you, no matter how you feel.

3. Coming up with a website name is one of the most frustrating things to do.

4. I love The Big Bang Theory too much.

5. A cold can kick the crap out of you.

6. When you find you miss college, you might just be on the right career path.

7. Marisota is evil.

8. Kids grow up way too quickly.

9. A trip to the spa with friends can remedy anything.

10. You can be surrounded by people and feel alone.

11. Never underestimate the power of a lie-in.

12. Love can be the most confusing thing.

13. Cinnamon buns are my downfall.

14. Hair appointments take way too long.

15. Waiting at the doctors is a pain in the ass.

16. For a good night out, all you need is a shopping mall, your best friend and two mobility scooters.

17. I miss my brother.

18. My mum is awesome.

19. You CAN change your life, just by believing in yourself.

20. Take up a new challenge to push yourself in new ways.

21. Be honest. You'll get further.

22. PVA glue is still fun.

23. Why is it when you know you have a early start and long day you can't sleep?

24. Training courses are boring. No matter the subject.

25. Brie is heaven.

26. Hotdogs aren't made form real dog (according to Jasmine).

27. Believe in yourself and just have fun.

28. When entering competitions, learning about yourself can be the thing you learn about the most.

29. April marks the month I start back at Slimming World!

30. A decent sleep after a long week is so worth the wait.

31. Sometimes you have to take the people you love the most with a pinch of salt.

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