Sunday, 13 March 2011

CCO Fail!

I was in once of those "mustfindsomethingtodo" kinda moods today. Tidying up or doing the washing however, was not on the agenda. So I dragged the boyshape off to Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village where my nearest Cosmetics Company Outlet is. My last visit was around six months ago (I think!) so I was hoping to see some collections I missed out on for one reason or another.  I think it's fair to say I'm a bit gutted, all that was there was the odd bit of Bobbi Brown, quite a large selection of skincare products and perfumes but when it came to the MAC stand, Marine Life and reflects glitters were the main offerings.


I could say thats the luck of the draw when it comes to CCO's or maybe I just had my hopes built up a bit too much and I've been spoiled by them in the past! Nevermind, I'll check it out again in a couple of months time.

I did however find a discounted drugstore cosmetic shop and walked out with two Revlon polishes! Huzzah! I also bought a lipgloss by Sinful Colours. I've never heard of them before (have you?) and the pigment of the gloss was really inyourface POW! But I got back home and before applying it, got a whiff. And oh, my. I don't know if it's my nozzle just doesn't like it but it's definatley not your average gloss smell. I can't even really explain it. The boyshapes sister said it smelt "powdery". Hmmmm, let me know if you've heard of Sinful Colours?

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